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Moving Tips


Have plenty of supplies


 You can never have enough boxes and tape on moving day. Everyone has more things then they think. We all have thinks hiding in our closets and cabinets we forgot about, so don’t be afraid of getting more then you think you need. You will more then likely need it. If for some reason you end up with more supplies then you need most place will refund you if you return it unused. Check with them when you purchase your supplies. Having everything boxed and ready on moving day will help you save money on your move. 

Utilize wardrobe boxes


 Wardrobes can be your friend. They are the best way to transport your hanging clothes safely and quickly. They can also be used for all the loose items that just don’t fit in a regular boxes. This will save you money on your moving day. It will eliminate the amount of trips your mover takes to the truck and that will shorten the time of your move. 

Other money saving ideas


 As your moving company we will be happy to take care of all the thing that I am about to go over, but we realize that some of you may be on a budget. Here are few more ways to save money on your moving day. 


 One of the biggest tasks that add time to your move is the disassembly of furniture items that need to come apart before they can be moved. For example. If you have an IKEA bed that needs to come apart or shelves that are connected to each other it will save a lot of time and money if you have them ready to go when we arrive. 


  Another helpful thing is to take any of your unpacked lamps or any other loose valuables in your car to your new location. This will save you from paying us for the time that we would spend trying to wrap and protect those unpacked items. 


   Like I mentioned earlier. We are very happy to take care of these things for you, but they are just few helpful things to keep in mind if you are looking to save money.  



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